Game of Thrones is Cucked

Pathetic feminist propaganda

White Women Need to Get the Hell Out

White women are ungrateful brats

Women are Enslaved by Massive Student Loan Debt

Only retards go to college nowadays

Boomer got BTFO'ed on YouTube by 4chan

Boomers are overgrown children

American Women are Repulsive and Revolting

American women are nasty

Christianity and Feminism Unite to Ban Prostitution

Christianity and Feminism are the same thing

Brown Women are Best

If it ain't brown, I ain't down

French Men Hate American Women Too

French men are fed up too

What is Going to a Brothel Like?

A kid in a candy shop

Men, Don't Ever Marry an American Woman

American women are fat ugly pigs

The Ideal Life for the Western Male

6 months a year you live like a king

Legalizing Prostitution would DESTROY Feminism Overnight

If men could get sex easy and cheaply and legally...

The Real Conflict is between Boomer Men and Young Men

Boomers allowed women to have so much power

Men Need to Start Holding Women Accountable For their Actions

Stop giving women a pussy pass

White Woman Attacked Openly in Public in European City

White women voted for this

White Women are Brainwashed to Love Black Men

Only a white woman could love a black man

From the Land of Smiles in Bangkok

Thailand is a paradise

Is it just me or is it getting CRAZIER out there?

We are all clowns now

White Women Betrayed White Men

White women are white men's worst enemy

American Women Are too damn Fat!

American women are completely disgusting

Modern Women have Destroyed Marriage

Men don't want to get married anymore

The Legal System Favors Women

Why give women power over you?

Birth Control Pill Turned Women into Whores

Women no longer worried about pregnancy

We've gotten over 54,000 views during the past 10 days

Our website is on FIRE!

White People are Retarded, Stupid Idiots

The white race is literally evil

White Women Love Making False Rape Accusations

Avoid white women like the plague


Baby boomers are too hilarious to die

White Christian Women are the Worst Humans on this Flat Earth

Christianity is a hateful, racist religion

American Women are Immature Spoiled Little Brats

Why are American women so immature?

Pajeet, my Son. You Must Poo in Loo!

Is using indoor toilets really that hard?

The Alt-Right is a Bunch of Virgins

4chan virgins circle-jerking each other

Only Idiots and Cucks Marry Western Women Anymore

Never marry a western woman

White Women are Extremely Jealous of Asian Women

White women simply cannot compete with Asian women

Baby Boomer Men Raped their own Daughters

Is this why millennial women have a 'daddy's little princess' complex?

Female "Leadership" is a Myth

Women are incapable of being leaders

White Men love Black Women

Black women are hotter and more humble too

Western Women are literal garbage

Only a cuck would date a western woman

Baby Boomers Need to Hurry up and Die

Boomers are a generation of psychopaths

Women Have Ruined Video Games

Games were good when only men played them

Baby Boomers Are Retards and Cucks

Baby Boomers are scum who need to drop dead

White Women Are Extremely Racist

White women are the real nazis

Japanese Women LOVE White Men! 日本の女性は白人男性が大好き!

White men are better lovers than asian men

White Women Are The Worst Women

White women are horrible, nasty creatures

Why Do Women Hate To Cook?

These sandwiches aren't going to make themselves

Most American Men Are Total Pussies

American men have no one to blame but themselves

American Men Should Avoid Marriage

Don't become a voluntary slave of a woman

Why are prostitutes in America so useless?

Prostitutes in America are dumb and overpriced and stupid.

Can True Love only exist between a man and a shemale?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are two lovebirds.

Alpha Males and Beta Males are BullSugar Labels

We're Humans

Gold-Digging Whores

Women want to have their cake and eat it too.

American Women are Very Selfish People

American women only care about themselves.

Are Shemales Better than Real Women?

Shemales are hotter than real women!