Becoming a Tradwife is the New Fashion


More Young Men are Virgins Now than Ever Before


What the Fuck Happened to Women in America?

women ruined

Let's Visit the DMT Dimension Together

DMT head

The White Race is Going Extinct, and That's a Good Thing

good news

What Will Society do With the Millions of Unmarried American Women?

useless women

Twitch Streamer Jenna is a Racist Nazi White Woman

racist woman

Dumb Girl Commits Suicide for not Getting Enough Likes on Instagram

lol moron

What Made Boomers Hate the Younger Generation so Much?

why boomer

Black Women Can't Resist White Men

black queen

What Characteristics are Ideal for a Woman that You'd Want to Marry?

wife or bust

Americans are Evil People

evil empire

White People are Fascist Nazis by Nature

nazi whites

I'm a 34 year old Jewish American and I Hate White People

the truth

All Public Figures, Celebrities, and Politicians Are illuminati Actors

all the world's a stage

Young White Women are Pure Evil

white trash

Refuse to Play Modern Women's Rigged Games

it's rigged

Sex Dolls Will Free us From Female Slavery


Why do We Allow Western Women to Dress Like Whores?


Never Worship Women


Chapter 13

ch 13 novel

Chapter 12

ch 12

Chapter 11

ch 11 my novel

Chapter 10

ch 10

Chapter 9

ch 9 my novel

Chapter 8

ch 8 novel

Chapter 7

ch 7 novel

Chapter 6

ch 6 my novel

Chapter 5

Ch 5 novel

Chapter 4

ch 4 my novel

Chapter 3

my novel ch 3

Chapter 2

my novel

Chapter 1

a novel

Do You Use Cheats for Video Games?

i do

American Women Divorce Their Husbands 3 Years After Marriage

on average

Modern Women do Not Want Equality With Women


Why Are Millennial Men No Longer Getting Married?


Ultima 4 is a Great RPG


White Women Cannot Orgasm

mentally damaged

Any Good White Women Left?

never good

The Urge to Bleach Black Women is Too Intense

ebony goddess

Rozelli's Feet Pics

heavenly soles

Feminism is Causing Young Men to Kill Themselves

evil feminism

Women Hate MGTOW

mgtow supreme

Western Women's Life is Nothing But a Soap Opera

ignorant children

Western Women's Lives are Being Ruined

deserved tho

White Woman Got Her Jaw Broken By a Syrian Immigrant

LOL haha

Should We Go for Prostitutes or Normal Women?

escorts or hoes

Marry a White Woman, They Said

lies and lies

When Does Earthbound Get Good?


Stop Putting White Women on a Pedestal

stop it

Most White Women are Gay

White women gay

White Men Are Getting Hot Indian and Paki Girls in Canada

awesome news

How Did Sega Fail so Bad?


White Woman Getting Jealous of Asian Women

asian women best

Why Don't Western Women Try to Emulate Foreign Women?

cause they're brats

Anyone Else Attracted to Black Women?

hot bodies

Why MGTOW is Growing So Much

MGTOW forever

American Women Have all the Rights

Men have none

The Future is Race Mixed, and Here's Why


White Women are Literally Pure Evil at This Point

white female monsters

Black Women are Perfect for White Men

black goddess

White Women Are Still Traditional

white women are niggers

Burn the Coal Pay the Toll

white women trash

Asian Women Breathe Through Their Noses so Well

Asian mouth breather

Beta male White Men Get What They Fucking Deserve

God bless white women

Pathetic Idiotic Women Who Got Scammed by Feminism

idiotic women

What Women Say is Opposite to What They Do

don't trust words

Ignore and Avoid Degenerate Slutty Women

avoid em

Single Women Over Age 35 Who Have Wasted Their Lives

ruined women

Reasons Why White Men Prefer Asian Women Over White Women

asian girls

White Women are Too Far Gone to be Saved

bye roasties

How is Marriage Legal but Prostitution Isn't?


More Young Men are Avoiding Sex and Women than Ever Before

incels right

Broke Men are Hurting American Women's Marriage Prospects

poor babies

Why are White Men Abandoning White Women?

Goodbye roastie

Feminist Women Are Submissive in Bed to their Men


Most American Men are Completely Fed Up With American Women

spoiled princesses

Why are White Women so Fat?

fat women

Asian Women are 1000 Times Superior to White Women

HAPA baby

Legalizing Prostitution Can Help Protect Women

help men too

Men Who Avoid Marriage Are Literal Scum

loser men

How Are Women Destroying the Modern Society?

society collapse

White Women Never Support or Defend White Men

white women suck

Always Do the Opposite of What Women Say

reverse psychology

Solution for Incels is to Go To Asia

leave America

White Women are Unloyal Sluts

white sluts

Feminists Hate When Men Enjoy Life and Have Fun

man haters

Never Love a Woman, Pimp Her Instead

pimpin aint easy

An Explanation About Asian Women and Foreign Women

good info

White Women Age Like Crap

white roasties

Why Do White Women Have Sex with Dogs?


MGTOW is the Best Life for Men


Team Fortress 2 is Based and Redpilled


Legends of Mana is Best Mana Game

console gaming

Where to Find Lapis Blocks in Minecraft

minecraft chat

Was Final Fantasy 6 Overrated or is it Great?

FF6 debate

Best Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic

Is Donkey Kong 64 the Best N64 Game?

donkey kong

The Colors Get All Mixed Up

inside the head

When Red is Blue and Blue is Red


Women and Men are Not the Same

the truth

GoldenEye 64 was the Best N64 Game


White Women Are the Cause of Racism

white racist women

Don't Waste Your Time Going to College

college scam

Overprotective Mothers Create Incels

ok mom

Women Are a Reflection of Society's Men

Man up

Feminism is Completely Retarded and Dumb

feminist idiots

Modern Women Are Completely Screwed Up

they are sick

A Man Goes From Beta to Alpha


Western Women are Sluts

avoid sluts

Asian Women Are Better Than Useless White Women

white women ugh

Ojamajo Doremi is a Good Anime

Nice show

What Do You Think About Zelda Skyward Sword?

Zelda is comfy

There is A Pokemon MMO Called PokeMMO

Pokemon multiplayer

Society Should Just Allow Women to Become Complete Whores

Whores and witches

Here is a List of Good Games to Play

A big list

Feminists Are a Disease that Just Keeps on Giving

Fork feminism

No Hymen No Diamond

MGTOW forever

Women Get Pumped and Dumped By Tons of Chads

Dumb whores

Try Rural Women

Rural vs Urban

Being a Manchild is Better than Being a Cuck

Yourself first

A Tidal Wave of MGTOW is Coming

MGTOW 4 lyfe

Western Women Act Entitled Like Spoiled Brats

Avoid western women

Boomers Ruined America, Not the Illuminati or Jews or Freemasons or Satanists

Boomers scum

Cow Urine is the Cure for Cancer

Cow Urine Cures Cancer

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 13

Feminism sucks

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 12

more men speak

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 11

Marriage is dumb

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 10

Marriage sucks

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 9

Men are tired

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 8

Men are fed up

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 7


Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 6

Men are angry

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 5

more men MGTOWing

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 4

Don't marry

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 3

MGTOW truth

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 2

more men talking

Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 1

Avoiding marriage

World of Warcraft is Much Better than Final Fantasy 14

WoW is better

Date Women Between 18 to 21

Young Ones

Super Mario Bros 3 is Better than Super Mario World

No comparison

Half-Life Changed PC Gaming Forever

Great Game

Women Scream that Men Need to "Man Up"

Man Up

What are Some Good Japanese RPG Games?

A good list

Black Women Are Superior to White Women

Ebony Goddess

Why are Indian Men so Creepy?

Bobs plz

Dumb Women Tricked Into Doing Porn Are Angry


How to Raise Children Right

Boomers failed

The Earth is Flat

Flat earth

Going Balls Deep on Your Wife's Mother

just LOL

The Illuminati are Drinking Adrenachrome-Laced Blood

Luciferian World Order

Ida Schmidt is a Liar

Denies denial

Ida Schmidt of Phoenix, Arizona, is DoSing our Blog

stop DoSing us

Only 1% of Indian Engineers can Write Computer Coding that Works

Indians are scum

Liberal Women Love Conservative Men

Real men

Millennial Quits on his Boomer Boss

Boomer scum

A Long List of Western Companies Ruined By Indian Workers


Transsexuals Should Be Treated Equally

Traps ain't ghey

Woman Falsely Accuses Male Stripper of Rape

Ride the pony

Silicon Valley ADMITS Google Chrome Is Spyware

Avoid Google

Changes will Happen Once Boomers Die Off

Boomers and changes


Fuck off FBI

Why are the Elite Trafficking Children?


Time to Resub to World of Warcraft

Why not?

Rob Colbert is a Massive Faggot

Rob Colbert GAB

Dragon Warrior is the First and Best RPG

Best RPGs

Playing Earthbound and Mother Games

Good games

Andrew Torba is a Mossad Agent

GAB Mossad honeypot

Reader Poll: What Topics do you Want Me to Write?

Choose one

Feminism Wrecks the Poor, Harder?

Poo in Loo

Virgin Men Need to go to a Prostitute ASAP

Just do it

Top 78% of Women Competing for Top 20% of Men

Roasties gonna roast

Communist Trash Elizabeth Warren says FREE Childcare for All

Socialism Sucks

Why are Millennials such Pussies?


Soyboy Cuck Brian C. Lindner Triggered by My Blog

Low-T Beta

What is 4chan's Opinion on WMAF relationships?

Asians are best

A Liberal Terrorist Has Made a Threat

Liberal fascism

A Short Update and Apology

Not a cuck

What is Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW?

MGTOW Explained

Collapse the Feminist System by Avoiding Marriage

Don't do it

Arab Man Talks about Women and Feminism

He a Gud Boi

Trying to Revive the Patriarchy is Insane

Can't go back

Ocasio-Cortez is a Typical Feminist

Always blame men

Men Should Never Get Married

Avoid marriage

Marriage is Not Worth it Anymore

MGTOW forever

MalePrivilege.net an Awesome New Forum

Kool guys

Whore Accuses Brazil Soccer Player of Rape

False rape

The Don't Marry Movement

Never get married

People Who Take Welfare from the Government are Scum

Welfare parasites

40% of Americans are Useless Trash

Poor people are scum

Changes I Want to See in America

America is a shithole

Women on Welfare Should be Forced to Give Free Blowjobs

They owe it

Mexican Women are More Loyal than White Women

Viva la mexico

Why are Boomer Men Such Pussies?

Boomer cucks

Feminism is a Virus

Feminism is cancer

White Women in France are the Biggest Race Traitors in the Entire World

France sucks

White Women are Trash and Garbage

Avoid them

Men are Being Oppressed in Modern America

Men are slaves

Women Over the Age of 30 are Useless and Create Autistic Children

Old women suck

Men Talk about South American Women

They are hot

Incels on /pol/ Talk about Women

They're right, yk

Military Wives are Cheating Whores

Don't marry them

White Women are Extremely Stupid

White Women are retards

Prostitution Should be Legal

Legalize now

Prostitution in 3rd World Countries is Awesome

Brown is best

Heidi O'Ferrall is BPD Scum

Avoid BPD women

Holly Conrad Exposes Heidi O'Ferrall as a Monster

Heidi is the abuser

White Women Like Heidi O'Ferrall Are Trash

White women are the lowest

Heidi O'Ferrall Lied About Many Details of Her Relationship

Heidi is a lying whore

Heidi O'Ferrall is a Criminal who is Going to Jail

Defamation is a crime

ProJared is Innocent! Heidi O'Ferrall is a Lying, Cheating, Whore!

ProJared dindu nuffin

Do We Even Need Women? Shemales are Better

Shemales are hotter

Boinking my Sister's Dirty Little Brains Out

Darth Vader's force

Paying Money for Sex is True Freedom

MGTOW + Escorts

Avoid all Women Except for Prostitutes

Prostitutes are awesome

Happy Mother's Day to all the White Women out There!

White women are demons

Tetsudou Musume Attendant Story

Japan trains are kool

YouTube Gamer ProJared Falsely Accused of Pedophilia by his Ex-Wife!

American women are liars

The Life of the Average Baby Boomer

Boomers are weak

Baby Boomers are a Generation of Psychopaths

Boomers are evil

America is the Worst Country

USA is Hell on Earth

John Earnest is a Mentally-ill Christian

Christians are crazy

Game Devs being Exploited by their Employers

They deserve it

Short Advice to Random Men about Women

I give quick advice

Game of Thrones is Cucked

Pathetic feminist propaganda

White Women Need to Get the Hell Out

White women are ungrateful brats

Women are Enslaved by Massive Student Loan Debt

Only retards go to college nowadays

Boomer got BTFO'ed on YouTube by 4chan

Boomers are overgrown children

Christianity and Feminism Unite to Ban Prostitution

Christianity and Feminism are the same thing

Brown Women are Best

If it ain't brown, I ain't down

What is Going to a Brothel Like?

A kid in a candy shop

The Ideal Life for the Western Male

6 months a year you live like a king

Legalizing Prostitution would DESTROY Feminism Overnight

If men could get sex easy and cheaply and legally...

The Real Conflict is between Boomer Men and Young Men

Boomers allowed women to have so much power

Men Need to Start Holding Women Accountable For their Actions

Stop giving women a pussy pass

White Woman Attacked Openly in Public in European City

White women voted for this

White Women are Brainwashed to Love Black Men

Only a white woman could love a black man

Is it just me or is it getting CRAZIER out there?

We are all clowns now

White Women Betrayed White Men

White women are white men's worst enemy

American Women Are too damn Fat!

American women are completely disgusting

Modern Women have Destroyed Marriage

Men don't want to get married anymore

The Legal System Favors Women

Why give women power over you?

Birth Control Pill Turned Women into Whores

Women no longer worried about pregnancy

We've gotten over 54,000 views during the past 10 days

Our website is on FIRE!

White People are Retarded, Stupid Idiots

The white race is literally evil

White Women Love Making False Rape Accusations

Avoid white women like the plague


Baby boomers are too hilarious to die

White Christian Women are the Worst Humans on this Flat Earth

Christianity is a hateful, racist religion

Pajeet, my Son. You Must Poo in Loo!

Is using indoor toilets really that hard?

The Alt-Right is a Bunch of Virgins

4chan virgins circle-jerking each other

White Women are Extremely Jealous of Asian Women

White women simply cannot compete with Asian women

Baby Boomer Men Raped their own Daughters

Is this why millennial women have a 'daddy's little princess' complex?

Female "Leadership" is a Myth

Women are incapable of being leaders

White Men love Black Women

Black women are hotter and more humble too

Baby Boomers Need to Hurry up and Die

Boomers are a generation of psychopaths

Women Have Ruined Video Games

Games were good when only men played them

Baby Boomers Are Retards and Cucks

Baby Boomers are scum who need to drop dead

White Women Are Extremely Racist

White women are the real nazis

Japanese Women LOVE White Men! 日本の女性は白人男性が大好き!

White men are better lovers than asian men

White Women Are The Worst Women

White women are horrible, nasty creatures

Why Do Women Hate To Cook?

These sandwiches aren't going to make themselves

Most American Men Are Total Pussies

American men have no one to blame but themselves

American Men Should Avoid Marriage

Don't become a voluntary slave of a woman

Why are prostitutes in America so useless?

Prostitutes in America are dumb and overpriced and stupid.

Can True Love only exist between a man and a shemale?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are two lovebirds.

Alpha Males and Beta Males are BullSugar Labels

We're Humans

Are Shemales Better than Real Women?

Shemales are hotter than real women!