40% of Americans are Useless Trash

Poor people are scum

There was an article in newsweek recently that said “40% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck”. LOL fuck you. No one is forcing you to be poor trash. Many poor people are single mothers. No one forced you to have children, which are EXPENSIVE, obviously. But now you poor fucks are gonna whine that you want even higher taxes on successful people to pay for YOUR fucking mistakes. I support the ending of all welfare now. Anyone who is too stupid to survive should just blow their worthless fucking brains out.

You are free to get a better job. One guy wrote “I know someone that makes $150,000 a year in a low COL area and his spouse makes about the same and they still live paycheck to paycheck because every time they get money they spend it. They’re living better than 99.9% of people around, but still complain about people being richer than them and how they have no money. Some people are just awful at saving, I don’t make too much and I would never have to live paycheck to paycheck.”.

Another guy, a fucking faggot communist, wrote: “I don’t know how old you are, but if you’ve ever traveled to some of the smaller towns in this country you’d find lots of people who are authentically stuck and unable to afford to improve their situation. In more middle class arenas the student loan bubble wherein most people pay 200% of what they took out because of predatory interest rates on credit cards and the loan itself are a thing. Lots of people are not free to get a better job. There exists a reality for lots of Americans where they’ll go homeless and starve to death if they go without working, and the market isn’t saturated with well paying jobs because wages have been stagnant since the early 70’s.”
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My response to that: Tough shit, asshole. What the fuck makes you think you are entitled to 25% of my paycheck because YOU are a worthless retarded subhuman piece of shit? You should fucking kill yourself, seriously.