A Man Goes From Beta to Alpha


The Term incel was developed in the TRP and PUA communities, not by leftists. Incels largely use the term as a self descriptor.

I’ve been into TRP since the first NoFap challenges and can tell you first hand /pol/ generally has a blue pilled outlook on women.

I was briefly what I though might be called an incel in highschool but as the communities developed and I was having relationships, archetypes began floating to the top as we analyzed self reports from PUAs, regular guys and incels, the picture is clear, most men are not incels, most incels aren’t even really incels, most incels are people who were cheated or betrayed by social misdirection and generally kike trickery in media, “true incels” are guys who are generally deformed or truly grotesque or just lacking in certain key areas dramatically the broader “incel” community is largely men who felt cornered and isolated by society and deceived about how to pursue relationships and who feel attacked by society for existing/participating in the way they were conditioned to.

Incel means “involuntary celibate”

If any woman no matter how much below your standards has ever propositioned you for a relationship(honestly) or Sex(not prostitutes) you are not an incel, the “involuntary” part doesn’t apply to you; “true incels” would call you a “Volcel” that’s what I was: “Voluntarily Celibate”

I for example didn’t have sex until I was in my early 20s because I was super picky after having dated prudish but extremely attractive girls in late highschool, my sympathy for incels comes from shared experiences as I was a product of fatherlessness(early death) and was preyed upon by (((media))) deceits about beauty being in the eye of the beholder, that a personality is what is most important, the general lies of body positivism pervasive in media going back decades, the lie that women don’t care about money when it comes to sexuality, porn addiction had even convinced me I had a small penis. After finding TRP, PUA and communities that eventually developed/birthed incel/mgtow communities I realized I was extremely blessed, I had a strong jaw even if it was hidden under fat, I was over 6 feet tall, my penis is in the top 20% for size in america and in the world as a whole, without any effort I was in the top 30% of men in the sexual market place, by getting fit, getting money, and learning how to game female psychology and attraction psychology I easily strolled into the bottom percentile of the top 20% of men “on the market”. How I was treated by everyone in every area of my life change as soon as a crossed that threshold. My personality never changed for the better it only got to be more antagonistic and dismissive of women, and I just kept getting more successful with them, I found the fucking cheat codes to life.

I feel an immense pity for our confused young men who aren’t as gifted as I, and a deep hatred for those who have betrayed me and millions of other men. this was the vector by which I came to the JQ because the deceit of emasculated white boys which leads to being ineffectual in romance is a direct effort of the kikes.

To answer what leads to inceldom or in other terms what the most important factors females value:

Height is 50% of the equation anything under 5foot 6inches is a 0, anything over 6foot 6inches is a 50% free pass, you can be fat ugly, abrasive, and poor and still fuck 50% of women on the market. Face and physique are the next largest factors and they combined are barely worth 30% of the attraction equation, Race, wealth, power, fashion, and charisma make up the bottom 20% of the puzzle in that order.

There are bonus modifiers based on life circumstances and whether the woman perceives you as weak for some other reason like knowing you when you weren’t a chad or things that raise your value because the woman is desperate or has a very specific conditioned need or type and of course there are some women who are just abnormal; exceptions generally prove the rule though.

Whether /pol/ knows it or not it is helping “incels”