A Newborn Baby Boy is Almost Dead Because of Circumcision

male mutilation

On Facebook some bitch was crying that she thought circumcision was a good thing, typical fucking american woman, and now her baby boy is in the emergency room and almost dead due to blood loss. Here’s the image at this thread: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/240292135

And the average comments by various users, of which I agree. Circumcision is evil and American women are evil for thinking mutilating a baby boy’s penis is a good thing: This is just one of the reasons why I have lost all faith in this pathetic country and its people. Jews are bad news. You let them scathe your children with their mutilative practice of bygone times and pretend like you haven’t been enslaved. I will never understand why yanks do this to their newborn sons.

Except that there is such thing as a successful circumcision, because it is an uncalled for and painful kike blood ritual. it harms the child, an “successful” circumcision just means that he didn’t bleed white. That sort of logic is like someone shoots someone else in the leg and he survives, it wasn’t a “successful” getting hit by a bullet for the victim, it just did damage to a lesser degree. I emigrated from Eastern Europe a decade ago but only 1 of my US native friends is circumcised, and he’s Jewish top kek.

Removing your infant’s eyes can save you hundreds of dollars with ophthalmologist appointments down the line, and it severely reduces the likelihood of pink eye. Plus, you can pay us to go make more money by selling the eyes. This sounds crazy, I know, but if we’re all being honest here, eyeballs are kind of gross. Burgers are so mentally weak, watch them come in this thread and defend circumcision rather than face what was done to them. I am circumcised, but I worked through the grief at 17 because I am a real man and now tell others about the atrocity that it is. Burgers would rather see other infants mutilated rather than face the pain of what kikes did to them.