A Serious Warning about 4chan's /pol/

CIA bots

90% of people on /pol/ are in these categories:

-black or brown men LARPing as white men
-white women LARPing as white men
-CIA agents or CIA bots

their goal is the same- to spread anti-white male propaganda to demoralize you. And they are getting better at it with each passing day.

They have even started getting more subtle at it, but you can rest assured that all of the interracial (black men and white women) threads are made by them, as well as all of the anti-asian woman threads, and the incel threads, and just the toxic threads in general.

Notice also how many of the posters have a very sarcastic, smart ass tone. Is this normal or is it just the younger generation thinks it’s cool to be an obnoxious smart ass? “We got too cocky bros”, etc, those types of fucking obnoxious fucking memes. Why did the memes become such shit? Back in 2016 the memes were hilarious. Now it’s all autistic screaming by kids or maybe it’s just outright CIA propaganda, who the fuck knows. Avoid 4chan like the fucking cancer it is.