A Short Update and Apology

Not a cuck

A guy had pointed out that I wrote a bluepilled article called “Changes I want to see in America” a week or two ago.

He pointed out 3 things I had mentioned:
-ban all guns in America
-affordable housing
-better welfare system

I want to apologize for being in a very bluepilled mood that day. Let me update my position about the above 3 issues.

If guns were banned, it would mean that if a black person or mexican got caught with a gun, they would get arrested immediately. Since guns are so easy to get in America, the blacks and mexicans also have too easy of access to them.

Affordable housing, well I would like to see a housing market collapse, which will happen sooner or later once the boomers try to cash out of the market, or just die off. I DO NOT want free government housing. Poor people on welfare deserve to be homeless.

As for welfare, I want a complete end to the welfare system. Let poor, lazy, and stupid people starve. Why should I have to pay higher taxes so they can sit on their ass doing nothing all day?

Let me also add that we should eliminate most taxes. Right now, if you make above 150,000 a year in America, your income gets taxed at a 35% rate. That is INSANE! 30 percent of your money gets stolen by the government and redistributed for poor people on welfare or for stupid wars for Israel. Fuck welfare, fuck taxes, fuck boomers, and fuck NIGGERS!