A Tidal Wave of MGTOW is Coming

MGTOW 4 lyfe

There is a tidal shift coming. The women who have thought they have a monopoly on our attentions know it, and we know it. Every new girl who comes of age is another penny on the arcade game inching the other pennies closer to falling off the edge. Women can feel that men are losing interest in them, at least interest in marrying them, which is why white women are now screaming “I am a traditional girl! See, I love the alt-right! I want white men to man up and defend me from all these bad immigrants!” Funny how white women only embraced alternative ideas when their own privileged position was at stake and being threatened by MGTOW and men just losing interest in dating or marrying them.

Get out of the fishbowl that is your town and see what else is out there. If she’s at a bar, she’s lost. If she’s at a church, she’s an even bigger whore. If she works at a Starbucks, big whore. Other, FAMILY restaurants (not rallying points for homos) you can find young ladies meeting people in non-questionable circumstances. Retail is the real-world dating app for women. Just roll through all the retail stores in an area at all shift times for one week or so. You will have met almost all the quality girls who are, thank God, not old enough to slut it up in a bar. Girls work in “meet” jobs, guys work in “do” jobs.

Or you can skip all that bullshit and just hit up your local Asian massage parlour.