Albion Online is Free to Play Cause it Sucks


Albion would be a great MMORPG game if not for it’s high ping if you’re not on NA (which where the server is located). Playing on SEA gets me around 200-300 ping even with a fast internet. Gathering is fine, Dungeons can get a little messy, But playing PvP with a high ping is almost unplayable. I see no other reasons for the devs to not make other servers like one for US, EU, and SEA. It would be nice if we could also play without having high pings. Game is decent but there is only 1 server and it’s in America. I don’t understand how the devs expect europeans to play with that kind of lag. I get constant 160+ ms ping. It’s not possible nor enjoyable to pvp competitively with this lag and they don’t have any plans to open a european server. Yeah, so this game seemed good, I was happy with it, I thought that not paying for premium was only a slight progression hassle, then they decided I can’t claim event rewards unless I pay for a month of premium. I get that you have to make money with a game like this, but significantly stunting f2p players progression is enough. I might have bought premium at some point, but now I’m definitely not going to. Its a grindy type of game, but is somewhat fun in my opinion. Does feel a bit pay to win cause of the subscription and it seems to me a bit too pricey but can be payed for with earned in game credits. The classless thing is cool but I wish there were some skills that you would get from the destiny board than just from the armor.