All Public Figures, Celebrities, and Politicians Are illuminati Actors

all the world's a stage

All events are staged using actors, and all politicians and public figures are simply actors from illuminati families. War is real, of course, and the millions who die in war, are real. But the leaders, the politicians, on all sides of the conflict, are just illuminati actors. They also have the actors play more than one role.

2 Pac = David Chapelle
Trump = Ron Masak
Adolf Hitler = Walt Disney
Alex Jones = Prince Gustav
Bernie Sanders = Evelyn Rothschild
David Icke = Richard Branson
Jonathan Pryce = Pope Francis
Jacob Greenberg = Mark Zuckerberg
JFK = Jimmy Carter
Hillary Clinton = Shirley Temple
Jim Morrison = Rush Limbaugh
John Lennon = Steve Jobs
Jennifer Aniston = Kate Middleton
Morgan Freeman = Jimi Hendrix
Theresa May = Princess Diana
Jamie Foxx’s children = Obama’s children
Ted Bundy = Brian Cranston
Kurt Cobain = Sid Vicious
Eminem = son of Colonel Mattis
Tim Meddows = Osama bin Laden
Thomas Edison = President Harding
Michio Kaku = Bruce Lee
George Washington = William Cavendish
Thomas Jefferson = Marquis Lafayette

pay me 10 million dollars and I’ll stop promoting the truth.