All These Single 40 Year Old Women on Online Dating Sites

old women

Honest i just can’t bring myself to do online dating and be part of what i look down on. Why is it so important for women to have this avenue for finding men to date through online apps and websites? Is it fear? How are these women so indoctrinated that they even make it to 40 without realizing they are pursuing a lie?

People haven’t realized it yet but places like New York City have fallen off the edge into the Oblivion already. The delusion is awful here. It’s not just women it’s men too. I’m telling you guys these threads are a major warning for what is to come for the rest of the country. We are on the verge of millennial women spurting out over finally realizing their mistake. You think the incel phenomenon was bad… wait till you see what’s to come.

Even more baffling than the fact that 37+ year old roasties still think that they will have babies someday, is that these 37+ year old skanks think that they can build a meaningful, loving relationship with someone when they are closer to retirement than college. The longer you live a lie, the more invested you become in it. It’s kind of like addiction. That’s also why the trans agenda is one of the most demonic things done to people nowadays.

Surveys show the happiest women are 30-40 with children and work part time. Unhappiest women are 40+, no children and working full time. And yet the second group are who’s used as the example that all young girls should emulate.

To make things worse, women have maximum power when they are young and hot, but they have no wisdom yet. Men get their power later in life when they’ve already learned some very hard lessons. So once they actually start figuring out how the world works, they no longer have the ability to get what they want.

Graduated college and couldn’t find any women to really date. It was only sex. So I joined eharmony. I figured I’d get better results than college or other free dating sites. Sent out over 110 messages, one per girl. I got 2 people to look at my profile and no responses. After three months I gave up. I’m 24 and haven’t been on a date in years. The girls online are complete TRASH I’m talking tattooed arm sleeves, 80% OBESE, feminist crap! I’ve tried tons of major cities and 100 mile radius.

Equivalent of a trot line on these bitches and nothing. Only when I larp as a thug as onions boy I get anything – and only bootycall. IRL my peers are married or dating unemployed debt laden children. I’m debt free and fully employeed. But only action is from 29 year old women who realized they hit the wall after the cock carousel stopped.