Alpha Males and Beta Males are BullSugar Labels

We're Humans

You’ve probably heard the phrases alpha male and beta male before. It is absolute bullshit. It’s mostly used by women and men who are pussy-whipped and cucked by women. We are human beings, not animals. I’ve watched over 200 hours worth of macaque monkeys behaving in the wild. In the wild, there is one male monkey and then 4 or 5 female monkeys and this is a tribe. A male monkey baby is driven out of the tribe by age 5, and he must fight other males, and either die, or win the fight and become the new breeder. When a new alpha monkey kills the existing alpha and takes over the tribe, the first thing he does is kill all the babies of the female monkeys which will thus put the females back into heat so that he can breed them.

This is the kind of society that women want, on a deep instinctual nature. This is why wise men created patriarchy, to create a civilized society so that we can live a peaceful life. Women are like children and have to be protected from their own inner nature, which is being manifested as extreme selfishness in the modern society. Better yet, we kill God and become God and thus alter nature to our own designs. Are human women even necessary? Can we replace human women with artificial wombs and female sex robots? Clearly women feel very threatened by sex robots since nowadays so many women are trying to shame men away from the idea of sex robots. This is how retarded modern women are- they can’t even compete with a fucking robot, LOL.