Always Do the Opposite of What Women Say

reverse psychology

A woman has written a comment, and I would like to analyze it: “how about you get a job, a house, pay your fucking bills without help and stop fucking other girls or women and we’ll start treating you like men instead of boys. You wanna bitch about shit without fixing yourself first faggot be my guest just don’t expect the female half to give a fuck.”

1. Always do the opposite of what women say they want.
2. This stupid cunt is saying “be a responsible man, and don’t fuck around with other women”. Bullshit. Women are only attracted to the player types and hate the beta male provider type of man. This is the same thing with women saying “Oh we want a nice sensitive man who isn’t afraid to cry in front of me” when in reality they HATE such men and only want the sociopathic, aloof, unattached, alpha male type.
3. She says “pay your bills”. Yes, become a simp, a beta male provider, and buy this stupid cunt a house, car, clothes, fancy vacations, etc.

I’ve got a better idea. Save your money, and instead just buy prostitutes. You could fuck literally 5000 prostitutes for the same price as you would spend on this ungrateful bitch. Marriage is a joke and only beta male faggots get married, at least in the West. In America, we have state enforced discrimination against men on top of all this plus a legal system that is utterly corrupt and designed to disenfranchize men. How about you women stop voting for politicians who enforce this anti-male feminist system? Fuck off and have fun growing old alone with your 10 cats, bitches!

Also remember, it’s only white women spewing this feminist bullshit.