America is the Worst Country

USA is Hell on Earth

America is without a doubt the least advanced or developed out of all the first world countries. I would go further and say that America is worse than many third world countries even. If you look at the flyover Republican states, they are ghost towns that have descended into deep poverty and drug addiction. A third world country like Thailand or Cambodia may also be very poor but at least they still have a strong family culture, a sense of community, and national unity, all things which are lacking in modern day America.

Let’s take the topic of worker rights for example. In America, ever since Reagan, the unions have been destroyed. Did you know that union employees make 30% more than non-union employees? The rich capitalist class took over both parties and brainwashed the retarded white trash conservatives that unions are bad and that workers should have no rights at all. If Republicans had their way, it would be legal to send 5 year old children to go work in a coal mine for 16 hours a day. And I am a guy who used to be a big Trump supporter until I finally realized that Republicans are psychopaths who want to destroy the rights of the common man.

The same issue is there in the UK and to a lesser extent in Australia and Canada. It seems that white people are brainwashed by Christianity to think suffering is a “virtue” and that they should be grateful to be forced to work 70 hour work weeks. The white race is fucking stupid and I’m glad that whites are going extinct. I am white myself too, by the way.