American Men Should Avoid Marriage

Don't become a voluntary slave of a woman

We are all familiar with the typical American woman’s instagram account. It mostly consists of retarded motivational quotes like “Just be you” and pics of her travelling to exotic travel destinations. Now, why shouldn’t American men ALSO do the same, and travel to exotic travel destinations where he can have sex with exotic women? Why should American men get a job, buy a house, get married, and have kids? What’s the point when your American wife will simply divorce-rape you and kidnap your kids from you while forcing you to pay huge alimony and child support payments on the very real threat of going to prison?

Two can play this game. If American women want to travel the world like sluts and enjoy life, then so can American men. Fuck the patriarchy and fuck conservative religion which says it is a man’s “duty” to marry and support a woman. American women are not upholding their end of the bargain by being a traditional wife and so American men do not have to become a “traditional” man and marry and financially support a woman.

The problem with this is that women will still have sex with the top 5% of alpha men and get impregnated by them and thus become a criminal-producing factory known as a single mother. 80% of criminals in prison in America were raised by single mothers. Either way, American society is collapsing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it anyway. So if you are an American man, I advise you to avoid marriage and enjoy your life and travel to exotic places in Asia and have sex with exotic Asian women. It is NOT your “duty” to “man up” and get married to some ex-slut born-again Virgin.