American Women Are too damn Fat!

American women are completely disgusting

An even bigger problem than feminism is how FAT most American women are. I mean, men can put up with a shitty feminist attitude as long as they are getting to fuck a relatively hot woman. But no sane man wants to have sex with a fat woman. Being fat is the single worst thing a woman can do to her appearance and yet American women feel no shame or guilt in being fat asses. There’s nothing more disgusting than fat women.

Is it really so hard to put down the fucking ice cream buckets and Big-Macs and learn to eat healthy? Maybe go on a fucking 30 minute jog every day? But no, American women don’t give enough shit to even do that much. And American MEN tolerate this shit. We’ve all heard the old saying, “fat women are easy”. Well, the truth is not so simple. Actually hot women have good attitudes. It’s the fat and ugly chicks who have bad attitudes. Fat women are ugly on the inside as well as the outside. They have a toxic, negative mindset and that is why they are fat.

It also doesn’t help that most American women are addicted to SSRI drugs, anti-depressants, which fuck up your body’s systems and causes you to get fat as fuck. I know of so many American women who used to be thin, and they started taking SSRI drugs, and within 6 months they transformed into literal landwhales. A little bit of extra meat on your body is okay, but American women are insanely fat and it is utterly disgusting.