American Women Have all the Rights

Men have none

It happens all the time. Something bad happens, and authorities listen only to the woman, and they never listen to the man. And in fact, men are not even allowed to speak, either. And when it’s police involvement, the man always ends up going to prison like he just committed quadruple capital murder or even was behind 9/11.

When friends in America get together, it’s mainly women only. Men are coldly excluded and not allowed to join in. Even if the man is well known, to the women, it’s a capital felony under Federal law, enforced by the FBI and Homeland Security, punishable by 300 years to life in prison and/or the death penalty for all involved, not only for the man to join in the group, but for the women to invite the man in and along for the ride.

And when a man gets divorced by his spoiled, 90210-minded gold digger, and adulterous American wife, the man is ordered to pay 95% of his hard earned income for child support or face prison. I am surprised there isn’t a really huge, monstrous exodus of men out of America. Then clearly again, according to the main website here, men are brainwashed by American culture into thinking that women are the same worldwide and that women by their very nature are toxic, hateful, spoiled brats, and that any man who marries a woman anywhere on Earth better immediately take her to Beverly Hills, California aka ZIP Code 90210.

A lot of women have it tough but most of them made it like that by having too many kids with no father around. I was more open minded about all this and then I watched a couple of videos by Stefan Moleneux and it was obvious alot of the laws have been and are being written to the benefit of women. His videos also made the point of women not politically educating themselves so they believe what they are told by the state and vote for big GOV….