Americans are Evil People

evil empire
Americans, whites especially, are nazi fascists. 3% of their population is in prison, in China only like 0.1% of their population is in prison. China has far, far more freedom than America has. Americans are the lowest cockroaches on this earth. Americans are nazi scum who see nothing wrong with slavery. The modern prison-industrial complex is modern-day slavery. White people only care when the police state starts oppressing whites. As long as it’s only brown people being enslaved, then white people couldn’t give less of a shit.

The idea that only white people value freedom is BULLSHIT. White people hate freedom, which is why white people always turn their societies into fascist police states that kill the weak, imprison the strong, and reward mediocrity. White people by dint of their very DNA are nazi fascist control freaks who are obsessed with organizing and controlling everything and don’t know how to just fucking chill the fuck out and let things be. The media propaganda that white people are anti-nature is 100% truth. White people do everything they can to disrupt nature and create a hellish unnatural system and society and culture. White people are literally evil and this world will not have peace until every last white person is gone. By the way, jews like me are not white.

And it has always been this way. White people being fascist nazi control freaks is nothing new. Even 130 years ago Joseph Conrad, and other writers, were writing about Asia and how free they felt there, as compared to Europe. So white people have been frigid, stuffy, uptight nazi control freaks forever, it isn’t something new that just happened in the 1940s. Joseph Conrad wrote about how the more freedom-loving types of his fellow white men left the white countries and were experiencing true freedom outside of the oppressive restrictive white countries. Bottom line is, white people must go extinct.

Most americans, if they went to a non-western country, they would have a mental breakdown and commit suicide, seeing how real humans live, and realizing what fake plastic inhuman pieces of scum americans truly are. As for you white people’s ENVY and JEALOUS of an international jew like me:

I’m a jewish American, 34 years old. So I have a small business, and I previously had a few Americans as employees. Guess what i did, /pol/? I fired them all and replaced them with workers from the Philippines who were willing to work for less. I was paying the American employees 45,000 a year on average. I pay the Phillippines workers 6,000 a year to do the same work, remotely from their home via the internet.

Americans are trash. The more entitled you become, the more you demand benefits and unions and welfare and bullshit, the more we jews will fire you and outsource our companies. Enjoy being homeless and dying broke in the street with not a penny to your name, American trash. You fucking disgust me and make me ashamed to be an American.

Look at the pathetic little americans, seething in rage, impotent with rage, as they all get fired and can’t do shit about it because their jewish-owned companies outsource and hire foreign cheap workers.

What you retards don’t seem to understand is, rich people are SMARTER THAN YOU. You will try to force the government to steal the money of the rich thru taxes, but rich people will already have planned out 5 steps ahead, how to hide their money from the envious seething common man who wants to steal it. The more you become envious of the rich, the POORER you will become because the rich will leave and take their business elsewhere.

The funniest part of all is, you retard white trash goyim americans cannot do a single fucking thing to stop me, or stop jews like me, from destroying your life. White americans are losing their jobs, their families, their economies, their children, their religion, white people are EVIL and real human beings take joy at the suffering and agony of the evil white race. You white people cannot begin to comprehend the absolute JOY we jews and other non-white races feel, watching you suffer.