An Explanation About Asian Women and Foreign Women

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Do Asian women use their wombs (and vaginas) to conquer white lands and white men? I know many Chinese women who married whites, but still support the CCP and Xi Jinping, and think China is number one. Are you saying we’ve been followed to think we were conquering the Asian woman? Is this a plot to have hapa babies that will ultimately end up loyal to communist China? White guys will look at someone like an Asian like Juju Chang and think she’s as attractive as Fan Bingbing. There’s some truth to it, but higher class and attractive Asian women still prefer white guys. Whether white guys can differentiate between average and good looking Asians is another matter. Asians are not trying to conquer whites by breeding them. They recognize the stock as useful, and are putting them to work. Dare I say, preserving the white race?

White women in the current year are pretty much worthless. If you can find a good one, good on you but the chances are slim. Black girls are more fun and down to earth. Protip.. Visit eastern europe/russia. Stay away from capital cities. Be yourself. Found my current gf in Yekaterinberg solely by doing this while on a tour of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and met plenty of other beautiful down to earth women too. Best tip i can tell you if you can’t travel.. Get out of the house.. Do stuff like kayaking, hiking etc.. You’d be surprised how many attractive women are near you but they don’t drink, do drugs etc so you won’t ever meet them in the most traditional way(in a bar/club). Do what you enjoy and you will find people with similar interests. Unless its an interest when you’re indoors.. Do stuff that gets you out into public life.