Andrew Torba is a Mossad Agent

GAB Mossad honeypot

Every week, at least two GAB users are getting arrested on average. It’s pretty fucking obvious that Andrew Torba is handing over all of GAB’s user data to the FBI. That is undeniable at this point. Anyway here is a whole lot of evidence that GAB is a jewish Mossad honeypot and that Andrew Torba is an FBI/Mossad agent, most likely from Unit 8200.

Headquartered in the Caribbean island Anguilla, Gab is “bootstrapped,” or self-financed, with some donations from the “Gab community.” No one seems to have any idea who so generously put out money to create Gab Being registered in Anguilla means US regulators cannot esquire either.

Anguilla is a British Protectorate It is also a tax haven and its very unusual for a startup to open in a tax haven when its making losses not profits Anguilla also has the Ultimate in Kosher Luxury Escapes

Anguila is also a money laundering haven . A large chunk of cocaine money is laundered here. The Jewish New York crowd parties here Michael Steinhardt, a retired hedge fund manager had his Hanukkah party here.

Just south of Anguilla lies the island of St Martin/StMaarten (which is ruled by the Netherlands and France) which has a Chabad house.

With all the money laundering New York Jews and Chabad Mossad has got to have some presence here.

Its a great place for Mossad Gab to have its base.

Torba is a jewish surname as well.

The EX-chief communications officer and global affairs director of Gab was Utsav Sanguja. That name and his appearance suggest he is Indian a Punjabi Khatri.

Sanguja has made his views on Israel pretty clear in this post. He makes it as an Indian not an American or Canadian nationalist.

Some gab users have identified Utasab Sangijas’ bride as Emma Rosenthal a Jewess who uses the id @emrose91 and also also works at a DC Synagogue which is rumored to be a Mossad front.

For even more evidence, check out this link