Anon Finally Realizes that White Women are Worse than Niggers

anon blackpill

Some incel loser on 4chan is just now realizing that white women are nigger-loving scum: "How fucking blackpilled have the last few days made you, anons? Seeing your own people and esp your own women out there advocating for niggers and advocating against their own rights and futures? Seeing how much they despise you. How brutally they vilify you. No matter what you do, everything you do is wrong according to white women. And no matter what the evil niggers and jews do, everything they do is right according to those same white women.

I fucking hate it. I am fucking, bros. I am just telling you. I am beaten down. No this not some “kike d&c thread” or any jewish bullshit trick. I am speaking the god’s honest truth from the bottom of my soul. I am fucked by psychologically and spiritually by what I have seen in the last few days. I’ve really come to grasp how much my own people hate me and by extension hate themselves. And for the men especially I’ve come to realize truly how cowardly they are and how truly hopeless this entire situation is."
(end of his post)

Jesus dude. Just forget about white women and go get asian women. Black women are also very good, very loyal. White women are worse than niggers, nigger MEN that is. Black men are trash, white women are trash, so they are perfect for each other. White women are evil.