Another Beta Male Incel on 4chan asks Obvious Question

incel idiot

This is from 4chan. By the way, 4chan is full of black men and white women who LARP as white men, in order to spread anti-white male propaganda to demoralize you. Avoid 4chan like the cancer it is. Post:

Why do women find so many things and behaviors “creepy”? Is there a biological reason for this? They want to be sought after and owned because they find that behaviour inherently male, but they don’t want all males to exhibit that behaviour. (They don’t want to admit it either)

“Creepy” is the catch-all for “no, not you”. It’s not even universal. Women can easily find some guys hot, and others would find the same guys creepy. They don’t find so many things and behaviors creepy, they find so many things about you and your behaviors creepy because you lost the looks lottery as a babies lmaoooooo, it’s okay though beautiful effeminate boys like me are secretly fucking all your womens despite ya’ll hating it. It’s the same reason men have women they ignore(fat, ugly, etc), and women they watch. They’re sorted them into “potential mate” and “not a potential mate” categories.

Women just verbalize it more. Majority of women are prone to find people on top of hirachical structures attractive. But it has to do wit hhte promotion of hierachical structures through media and sheeple mouth propaganda. There are also women who had sexual contact as children and have a different view on sexuality, allthough society declares thema s mentally ill, i’d actually say its the more natural approach. Make sexual child abuse legal = get nymphomaniac women who have sex for fun = get a bonobo like society where everyone has sex with everyone regardless of age etc. Sex beeing seen as a form of greeting and bonding. Our penises are actually designed for inseminating the same female by multiple people in a short span of time, simply because our dicks can create a vaccuum that sucktions out the sperm of competing males and give advantage to our own semen. We have been biological designed to gangbang females, any conservative monogamous fuck is actually quite unscientific. This approach would get rid of so many rape and child abuse crimes. Not saying it’ll get rid fo actual rape, but i tihnk our monogamous understanding of sex is actually quite fucked up.