Any Good White Women Left?

never good

I say that white women were never good, at any point. To be a bitch is in their DNA. Actual women who aren’t cum guzzling whores or basic bitches are incredibly hard to find nowadays though. Modesty or self discipline is severely lacking in supply, and if they aren’t coal burning whores they’re either tattooed, fat or both. It wouldn’t be wrong to imply that rather than us being indoctrinated by Jewish propaganda, it’s the average white woman, like the stereotypical, flock mentality consumers they are. It’s no surprise people get fucking frustrated learning their oneitis suddenly have taken miles of nigger dick and been a total fucking degenerate before “settling down” with you, as have already happened to me. Twice.

So it’s hard even having what would be the bare minimum standards your average 50’s man had for women nowadays. Though I do agree they’re not really at fault, it’s not like none of us weren’t fed bullshit ideologies in grade school as gullible children. I don’t hate women but I will not lie and say that they belong in the world of management, military, or government. I even think they shouldn’t be in the workforce, they were part of why wages compressed like hell. I have not met a SINGLE woman under 40 who would be a decent mom. Literally not a single one. Fuck off with this garbage, women are shit. Awwww, poor wahmen, they have it so hard living life as supercitizens in a society that treats them like goddesses. Jesus fucking christ, white women are like spoiled little brat children and it is the fault of white men for never holding them accountable for their actions, you know, treating them like an adult basically. White men need to stop being pussies.