Anyone Want to Play some Minecraft?


Hey lads. I really like minecraft, and got back into it before all the memes causes the normalfags to get into it, including king eceleb.

What do you guys like to do in Minecraft? Do you play modded or vanilla? Do you like multiplayer and if so, do you prefer non-vanilla PvE-style gameplay or anarchy?

Since the active community got cut by a lot because of the cucking of 8chan, it could be feasible for us to start and play on a server just by ourselves without too much hassle. Would anyone be down to host a server? I’m absolutely sick of singleplayer minecraft and solo multiplayer minecraft because I realized the game is boring and barebones as fuck. Multiplayer for me is also pretty much singleplayer but with a chat and the bottom left of the screen.

If I were to play minecraft I would need to play it with a group of others like an anon town or a faction of anons or what not. I cant play vanilla minecraft any more. I need at least 10 mods before I feel like there’ enough to do in the game. Usually that’s Thaumcraft, Witchery, Tinker’s Construct and some others. I like crafting custom legendary swords and putting them inside dungeons for people to find. Very autistic and at that point I should just be gamedeving in Unity, but nope, Minecraft. Also I want to try bedrock edition but I need more mods to be ported