Arab Man Talks about Women and Feminism

He a Gud Boi

In my experience as a Middle Easterner, the Arab women who claimed not to like Arab men were the ones heavily involved in the nightlife scene and had liberal feminist values that she knew would not be put up with by a non Westernized Arab man of high caliber, so she claimed the fruit she couldn’t reach was not ripe. I have also encountered a Chinese man who claimed he didn’t date Chinese women – anyone who does not like their own race is a red flag and it should be perceived as determinate of low value.

As far as Eastern European women go, I generally feel bad for them. Eastern European men are the cheapest men by far. I don’t even know how Eastern European women put up with them. I approve that they are generally masculine and traditional, but their drinking habit and terrible provider status make them lousy marriage material.

Can confirm this holds true for any woman of any ethnicity. If a woman is primarily into the men of her own nation but somehow you become her first exception, consider yourself lucky. You’re in good company. But if she has a history of dating foreigners, you better run after you smash and dash, which is the only sensible option in such a scenario.

True story my Iraqi buddy lawyered up to a false rape accusation form another Iraqi but western born girl. Think due to her finding a well off dude to marry and knowing him he wont wife a slut, so family pressure and honor shell play this card. Funny thing is the date she said the rape happened, the guy was on video getting pulled over by the cops. Playas beware, finding eastern girls are playing dirty western tactics to get their way.