Are Shemales Better than Real Women?

Shemales are hotter than real women!

In America, shemales have gotten a bad rap cause a bunch of mentally ill white guys put on lipstick but don’t even bother trying to look like a real woman. But if you go to Asia, and see the shemales there, you will notice that they look exactly like a real woman, nay hotter than a real woman. Case in point:

So, what are some of the positives about shemales? Well, they have the sex drive of a male but the body (sans benis) of a female. They are also much more fun and cool than real women. And they really know how to work your benis since they have one as well. With all of that in mind, what sane man wouldn’t want to try shemales? Who knows, you may never want a front-hole woman ever again!

Take a look at the average Asian shemale. Generally speaking, they are much, much hotter than the average woman. Now some people say “well it’s gay because she has a benis”. My response to that is that it is not gay, it is heterosexual. You are a male, who is attracted to a female form. That is heterosexuality.

Now I am personally not into anal sex and find that disgusting. Therefore shemales have a limited appeal for me, but if you are into drilling their backsides, well then heck! Shemales are perfect and are a million times superior to any “real” woman. I just suggest getting into a committed relationship with one and not going around banging tons of them, because anal sex is how AIDS is spread.

I wish you all luck!