Asian Women are 1000 Times Superior to White Women

HAPA baby

FACT: White Women are a LOST CAUSE, they cannot be reformed, the Jew has them on a very short leash – between the Faceberg and Instaberg that runs their lives

We must settle down with quality Women of Color, Asian and Hispanic and African-American , and start families afresh and stop depending on the backstabbing white woman. I genuinely find Asian women more appealing. I would prefer to marry a white woman and make pure white babies, but white women are a fucking disgrace and don’t deserve love and affection. So Asian women it is. White women have turned into whores, Asians are the only quality women left. Asian women are only hot in 2D. White men aren’t leaving white women for asian women. White men are leaving white women to get away from white women.

White women are just being outcompeted. Everything has a price/value curve in a free marriage market. White women cannot compete with Asian women and this is why white women are so jealous of Asian women. Good white women exist. A lot of them. But their price is sky high, and there’s a fuckton of decent Asian women with far more reasonable prices. A 8/10 white guy can only get a 5/10 white woman, but even a 6/10 white guy can get an 8 or 9/10 Asian woman. Obviously, white men will choose the higher quality product which also costs less. Asian women are much better and more loyal and they love white cock. White women are bitchy and feminist.

Not everybody who refuses to marry some coal-burning white skank is an """incel""". Some of us simply have little to no good experiences dating white women and have come to the conclusion that they make terrible wives, mothers, partners and even friends. White women are all super bitchy princesses. Do you realize that it would take generations to undo the damage and degeneracy white women willfully accepted? I’m not going to save some white whore and waste my life having kids with some ungrateful white bitch. I don’t care anymore it all can burn. White women can fuck off.

I was talking to this Asian chick online and all she wanted was white babies. She was obsessed. She was pissed that they’d always have brown eyes no matter what but she really had some sort of inbuilt self hatred for being Asian and had zero interest in Asian men. I felt bad for her and the men she was shitting on so I tried to redpill her a bit and sent her on her way. By redpill her, I mean I pumped her full of my white semen. Damn she was fine, virile and young too.

I am just leaving white women, not being subverted by “jewish race-mixing propaganda”. If Asian women all vanished I would get a latina girlfriend before a white one. White women are boring less attractive and more degenerate. I would pretty much date any other race before white women. It’s just a sign of how low western women have fallen. I am willing to bet that no significant amount of even East European white girls today are better than even the average western boomer cunt was up to the 70s but we’ve been so much conditioned to associate womanhood with that current STD-ridden mess, that even subpar women look like diamonds in the rough.

Women picking the best mate is a meme. Since the sexual revolution where all the cards have been placed in the hands of women, has the average white person increased or decreased in quality? Has the rate of white single mothers gone up or down? Only time a women cares for who she has sex for is when she needs something and has grown a brain after years of being used as a cumdumpster. White males have higher interracial marriage rates because of we have a larger brain and thus pick mates for longer periods of time and don’t wind up as single fathers en masse. I left white gf for a cute black single mom. Best decision ever.