Asian Women Are Better Than Useless White Women

white women ugh

How ready are you to accept the most important redpill?

-White women can’t compete in the dating game with Asian women.
-Single White women confused, bitter, desparate and unable to find mates.
-Resort to feminism and self-destructive socialism.
-More welfare dependant women
-More uncontrolled consumerism, pollution, unrestricted immigration, poverty worldwide
-This destroys societies worldwide and destabilises global order.

Here are some comments from white men talking about asian women:

-I hate white city girls with a passion. Much more positive experiences with asian city girls

-there is one thing I don’t understand about women this days. I get why in the past they needed their man to be rich, and always getting a higher status. children needed to be cared for, properly married, there had to be arrangements made for when the guy dies and the woman is alone, but has to live on a certain level. I get that. But now they do not have children or have one, and those often don’t marry, and state takes care of old people. So why can’t women settle for men same or lower tier then them, but still only go for the 8-10 chads, and I mean like 3s try to get an 8 in to their nickers. makes no sense and it kind of a unfair to man who are 3s themself. Why shouldn’t they? they always ask for salaries to be fair, that you have to split costs of living 50/50. that a man has to give up half his salary so she can buy food, pay rent etc At school your not allowed to have too good marks or girls dislike you. you also can’t have to many guys at events, the split has to be 50/50. They are talking about fair treatment all the time. I don’t know, but at my school the best 2 people from each class were suppose to go to Paris. And by best I mean highest marks. Thing is that most of those people were not girls, so the rule was changed to best 2 people, but 50% of all have to be females. So for example I had an 352/380pts, but weren’t allowed to go, because there was already my friend going, who had 373pts. Instead they took a girl who was 323. The reason for this was explained to us that it was unfair for girls, because all of them are exempt from doing sports and home economics are voluntary, so get fewer points.