Asian Women Hate Niggers

asian women

Asian women are the best wives for white men because asian women respect white men and hate niggers. This is why I’m dating a south korean girl. She’s been openly saying that the blacks need to get over it and I get rock hard every time.

>Asians women speaking out
>Black women speaking out
>Latina women speaking out
>White women on their knees
Makes you think

Asian women are better than white women. White women are niggers. The white races are perhaps the greatest this world has ever known, except they have one major weakness: excessive altruism. This weakness has created another significant weakness: their women now have too much power. White women are to blame for the ongoing destruction of the white races. I doubt whites would fall for the kike bullshit if their women shut the fuck up and the men made all of the decisions with no interference.

Whites shouldn’t care what minorities think of them. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE MINORITIES.

In Asian countries where 99% of the population is Asian, do you really think they give a shit about diversity and identity politics? Fuck no they don’t. White men need to protect Asian women. They are our property.

My wife is of Chinese heritage. She thinks BLM is fucking retarded. Her parents were refugees from communism. They say George Floyd was a drug addict thug and a criminal. And that is is all communist propaganda. I won’t even talk to white women anymore. They’re all propagandized, whores, and probably have herpes. Even white women I work with are shallow, interested in celebrity culture, and worry about the latest shit they see going to buy.