Astellia is a Beautiful New MMORPG


Here’s the pros and cons.

1) Astel system: The system is somewhat unique in the sense that the Astels are on-the-fly support companions that can offer varied skills to help you fight enemies. They can be found as tanks, healers, melee or ranged dps, or support (buffer). You can always have at least 1 active with your Atra Power (AP) gauge regen being sufficient, but having 2 or more out will quickly deplete your reserves until the extras are unsummoned. If they’re damaged, they’ll take longer to resummon based on the missing health. While equipped (up to 8 can be set in a card section), they can provide passive buffs to specific things like gathering speed, crafting, etc if the right combinations of them are set.

2) Item Enhancement system: If you find a low level piece of gear that you really like, you can technically take it all the way to max level in usefulness via the enhancement system. By using parts from disassembled gear, you can upgrade and evolve the gear to higher stats and eventual gear level. You can upgrade a piece of gear 7 times before if can be evolved to a piece of gear up to 10 levels higher. Once that’s done, the process starts all over again, and so on.


1) Voice-acting and translation: Boy is this a rough one. I understand that this was originally a Korean-based game, but the woefully bad translations and voice-acting in the game could be seen as an unforgivable turn-off. Sometimes it’s decent, but many times the voices simply DO NOT match what is onscreen at all, and it’s quite immersion-breaking.

2) Dungeon ticket system: Setting an artificial time-gating system could be seen as forgivable in a free-to-play game, but this is now a Buy-to-Play (edit: thanks for the correction Nymeros) game. Only being able to run maybe 6 dungeons in a day (half that if you use the ticket boost to improve dungeon drops by 70%) means that you’re not going to have anything to do at max level after an hour except to mind-numbingly grind thousands of things.

3) The game is quite barren of players. In my entire time playing, I rarely found anyone that was actively doing content around my level. Doing dungeons, thankfully you have the option to do Solo versions of the dungeon, as I maybe found 3 groups when using the matchmaking tool for group dungeons.

4) The gathering/crafting professions system: This by far is my biggest complaint with the game and also the reason I quit playing. The profession system is like a hybrid of WoW and FFXIV in exactly the worst aspects of both. You can level up and use any number of the crafting skills, however you are only allowed to learn and use just 1 gathering profession. This makes it at best only possible to level 1 equipment/consumable-based crafting skill aside from cooking. However, each of these crafting skills often relies on items from other crafting systems. In order to advance these skills, you would either need to create an alternate character to level the other crafting skills, or buy things at the overly-expensive auction house. This alone isn’t bad enough, which segues into my next con, which is…

5) Enemies 10+ levels below you in the open world are coded to no longer drop ANYTHING when killed; the corpses immediately poof. (edit: This was personally tested over 3 hours of killing enemies that were clearly at least 10 levels below my characters, and were known to drop loot, be it coin, junk, or crafting materials)

This is by far the silliest and stupid mechanic for preventing farming of low-level things by high level players. Simply not providing experience would have been enough, yet this rubs salt in the wound for anyone that’s serious about crafting. Have a tradeskill you didn’t bother leveling until you hit max level and need low-level cloth/leather drops for your recipes? Too bad! You effecively CAN’T get them anymore unless you run old solo dungeons to kill mobs that have a ‘tiny’ chance to drop some. Couple that with the fact you often need 5-6 of them to craft a single component, with the limited dungeon running due to the aforementioned ticket system, and you might as well not even bother with tradeskilling anymore unless, you guessed it, create an alt to farm them. Then, when that alt outlevels the content again, delete and roll another, ad nauseum.