Atlas is a Horrible Pirate Type of Game

I’ve played private server, I’ve played official PvP with a big company at launch, I’ve played solo PvP, and I’ve played solo PvE. Every new session I’ve played, be it after a wipe or on launch, or going to a new server, I’ve essentially rage quit the game due to design flaws becoming far too frustrating, bugs punishing me and causing me to lose too much for me to stomach, or PvP fights becoming impossible to manage because of server lag and rubberbanding. I’d love to see Grapeshot bring this game around, but after over a year of playing and not seeing any marked improvement, I think I am hanging it up and probably not coming back. I just don’t see them turning it around and it seems their priorities are not, and have never been in the right place. Even if I set aside the bugs and design flaws, I believe the direction the game is headed is bad. It’s a shame. I played quite a bit of ARK as well, and as many have said before me, this game studio will likely always produce overly complicated, broken games. Make no mistake, I appreciate their ambition, but they clearly have no concept of reining in features, and it seems obvious to me that they come up with concepts that look good on paper, but cannot be executed well because they are overly complicated and, in that, become bug riddled or are far to taxing on the server.

This game also has massive memory issues and will crash your game or computer regularly. If you happen to have been on a tame and this happens around a predator, you will likely lose it. These were the same issues that plagued ARK, and rather than fixing them prior to producing a new game, they prioritize adding more creatures to a pirate game. Instead of making a pirate game that runs smoothly and isn’t too taxing on the server and doesn’t crash your computer, they allocate resources to introducing giant turtles and 15 foot tall dinosaurs that you can tame. I will probably never say this in a review again, because generally I just accept that either I like a game or I don’t, but this game studio should be ashamed of this game.