Avoid all Women Except for Prostitutes

Prostitutes are awesome

What’s the best way to avoid women’s bullshit? We all know that modern women are nothing but a huge pain in the ass to deal with, whether you are dating them, working with them, or whatever else. The only thing we require from women is sex. How do we get sex from women without jumping through all the bullshit hoops and games modern women want us to play in order to fuck them? PUA is not the answer. The real solution is to avoid all women except for prostitutes. Prostitutes are the most honest women that exist.

With prostitutes, you get to choose who you want to fuck. Therefore the average prostitute is far, far hotter than the average normal woman you would be able to fuck. I mean it’s true. There is NO FEELING more liberating than to realize that you can simply pay money for sex. That is why women are constantly trying to shame men away from prostitution, saying “only losers do it”. Yeah, you women will be the losers if men decide to stop wasting their time and money on you and instead just fuck a hot prostitute.

In America, people have a very negative view of prostitution since it’s illegal and many prostitutes are very low class trashy drug addicts. Go to the prostitution scene in Europe or Asia and then you’ll see what it’s really like. Once again, Americans fail at everything. Anyway, the prostitutes in Europe and Asia are much hotter and MUCH cheaper too. If you’re an American man, you owe it to yourself. Avoid all women like the plague and only fuck prostitutes and you’ll have a much more peaceful life.