Baby Boomer Men Raped their own Daughters

Is this why millennial women have a 'daddy's little princess' complex?

White baby boomer men are incredibly sick people. Academic studies have shown that father-daughter incest amongst upper class white Americans is at least 30%. That means that 1 out of 3 millennial white women were fucked by their own father. In plain English: All those rich white Boomer men are fucking their hot daughters. Could this explain why millennial women are so fucked up? Now, I don’t know if this incest took place in the context of MK-ULTRA mind control programming or satanic rituals or whatever, but regardless it is a sick thing nonetheless. Father-daughter incest is as American as apple pie.

Look at Trump and his daughter Ivanka. I mean, even a retard can see what is going on there. “Daddy’s little princess”.

Baby boomers not only ruined the economy, ruined the social welfare system, ruined worker’s rights, ruined the housing market, but they ruined their own children’s lives and molested their own children. It’s no wonder that baby boomers have this weird desire to live forever and seem to be terrified of death. I think subconsciously, the boomers realize that they are going to hell after they die.

Baby boomer men also failed their sons. They forget to make sure their sons lost their virginity, which is basically a part of any normal culture. If a male reaches age 18 and is still a virgin, it is the DUTY of the father to take him to a prostitute to lose his virginity so that he becomes a well-adjusted member of society. Boomer men failed to do that, which is why there is a literal incel epidemic in America today.