Baby Boomers are a Generation of Psychopaths

Boomers are evil

Baby boomers are probably the most psychopathic generation to ever exist. What kind of monster would destroy their own children’s future and then gloat about it? Well, boomers are also incredibly stupid people because they apparently don’t realize that we live in a society and what affects one group will affect the other. Let me elaborate on this.

Normally it would be the adult children who take care of their parents in their old age. But millennials will not be doing this because even if we WANTED to take care of the boomers in their old age, we are incapable of doing so financially, due to the economic collapse and globalized economy, both problems created by the baby boomers.

The future of baby boomers is to end up in a retirement home which will be staffed by the same immigrants the boomers voted to replace us with. Immigrants who have been brainwashed from birth that “Old white people are evil, and are the cause of all evil in this world”. Do you think that a person coming from a culture that teaches them to hate old white people is going to treat old white people very well? I read that over 50% of nurses and caretakers who work at retirement homes are now non-white immigrants.

This is what happens when you are a short-sighted psychopath. Call it karma or whatever but it’s the long-term consequences of the baby boomer’s own actions, which they have tried to ignore. Enjoy the retirement homes, boomer scum!

Do not feel any pity for the boomers. These are the same boomers who raped their own children in the 1980s and 90s and then created the “satanic cult” conspiracy theory in order to deflect any blame or attention from themselves for these crimes. Baby boomers are literally evil monsters.