Baby Boomers Are Retards and Cucks

Baby Boomers are scum who need to drop dead

I find it very strange that baby boomer men are not against feminism when feminism has hurt the boomer men the most. Boomer cucks will keep defending feminism to this day, even though so many millions of boomer men got raped in divorce and lost their wealth, home, children, and assets. 90% of baby boomer men I’ve met are cucks who are completely spineless and controlled by their nagging wives.

What about Baby boomer women? Boomer women are the most vile, satanic, vicious demonic monsters to ever exist. Remember, this is the generation of women who hated their own sons so much that they had them put on Ritalin because boomer women were too busy going out and partying than actually bothering to be a proper parent to their kids. It was boomer women that created feminism, remember?

Of course racism is perfectly cool with the boomers though

So let me get this straight, baby boomers. Speaking in support of men’s rights is bad, but racism is good. And I think we can all conclude that it is white baby boomer women that are the real ones promoting all the racist nazi stuff nowadays, since boomer men are simply cucked and fully controlled by their wives. Anything that comes out of a baby boomer man’s mouth is actually coming from his wife. I hope baby boomers enjoy the retirement homes and home hospice care. Remember, like 50% of nurses and care-takers are non-white people.

Hey baby boomers! Can you just hurry up and drop dead already? Literally everyone hates you.