Baldur's Gate 2 is a Masterpiece


Easily one of my favorite games of all time and the enhanced edition didn’t ruin any of that. Beware this game is totally okay with killing you if your not prepared. Also knowing D&D conventions will certainy help seeing as it’s the underlying rule system, but that is also what makes the combat so deep. A remastered version of one of the classic AD&D games, and it even includes the Throne of Bhaal expansion. Strap on your plate mail, grab your longsword, and calculate your THAC0, because this story is well worth the hours you will spend hacking and slashing your way through trolls, orcs, and gnolls (oh my!).

Deep combat/character system (AD&D rules with a few tweaks), fantastic story, decent presentation, great and varied characters (it’s Bioware, duh!), extremely well-executed open-world gameplay (after the first dungeon). Release-version somewhat buggy, crashes, quests getting stuck, saves MAY get corrupted if game crashes on save (not terrible if noticed immediately). You can get BG1+2+addons for less money than the BGII:EE, but that involves more trouble to get it running properly and is overall not just as well-rounded as the EEs.

No other game has such a magical, fantasy setting, that takes you away and makes you forget the real world. If only the Forgotten Realms was real…