Baldur's Gate 3 is Entering Early Access


You’re out your dish if you think a fucking Baldurs Gate game is going to ditch RTWP combat. There’s no reason to think this will happen. Larion studios is on a roll and entering their golden age. It’s after this that they start to fall. It’s made by a studio that made all of it’s rpgs in turn-based. They’ll probably use the same engine as Divinity. So, it’ll probably be turn-based. This casual would seethe so much if they ditch rtwp. The best we can hope for is TB as a main mode and rtwp as a crutches for lower level difficulties. My only hope is that they hire someone from the outside to do the writing. Larian is good at making the games, but their writing and storytelling is ass garbage. Those people are just going to find something else to endlessly bitch about anyway, like the fact that it’s in the current edition instead of the one from 30 years ago, or the one from 20 years ago that wasn’t even the edition used in the previous fucking games so it’d makes even less sense to use. This is probably what it will be like. Companies tend to use the same engines for games and reused mechanics from previous games. Smaller companies especially. I’d love pathfinder kingmaker with turn based mod system, where you can switch between rtwp and turn based on the fly even during a fight, so you can get through trash mobs super quick, initiate fights properly in turn based, or do entire boss fights in turn based. Of course that’s not gonna happen. They’re gonna have shitvinity’s turn based system because it has a lot of mass appeal being very slow and easy to understand, and theyre gonna ditch rtwp because only boomers know how to play it.