Baldur's Gate 3 Might Suck Badly


Why do RPG people try to make it cinematic, if they aren’t going to bother with directing their “scenes”? Mask of the Betrayer was a low budget cashgrab, and it managed to have much better gravitas. Will I have to play the previous ones? I don’t want to play boomershit that is hardly a video game. Since there are no actual technological limitations anymore, there is no reason for RPGs to be hampered by the innane bullshit that made faggots like you feel special in their spergathons. Character looks okay as far as ‘human but I pasted things onto his face’ goes, armor design is uninspired generic fantasy armor I don’t want to be caught dead wearing. It’s a pretty standard camera angle for conversation. For more dramatic moments it won’t fit quite so well, but most conversations in RPGs aren’t dramatic, they’re just conversations. Besides, this doesn’t exclude the possibility of unique camera angles, as this is clearly just the default. Because it’s ultimate self insert so you can use your brain to come up with the exact way you’d have said it, which would vary for every person. I don’t like how it looks, because I was expecting next gen Baldur’s Gate II.

I still enjoyed DivOS2 so I’ll need to watch the actual gameplay to see what’s what. They knew what they are doing. Generaly all the character models look somewhat attractive, for a western Studio, this is pretty great. Then again, Belgium is in europe, so that might be the clue for the rest of us. Its gonna be third peson with top down combat, RTWP and Turn based probably both in (if it was only turn based, why would you need to write TURN BASED in big letters, its obviously a toggle). Only a retarded Boomer could hate this for having the option to stick to PnP rules or infinity engine style rtwp.