Baldur's Gate and Random Discussions about Characters


Does your character’s race ever actually come up in any dialogue or quest situations or anything like that? Is it purely stats and bonuses? I ask because I want to play a goblin and you can’t so I was thinking of just making a gnome with green skin. I believe there’s some occasional mentions, there’s more of it in Baldur’s Gate 2, I think, though it was a real long time ago since I played so don’t take my word for it.

Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 have some pretty powerful cheating utilities, they may be able to assist you in goblining things up. Apparently enhanced edition dlc actually has a goblin party member but they didn’t bother to add goblin to the playable races for the pc which is extremely annoying. The only one I remember for sure is that Viconia can’t romance an elf. Probably not a dwarf either but I’ve never checked. A lot of fans of Baldur’s Gate don’t like Enhanced Edition, I haven’t tried it so I can’t say what it does, but someone may tell you soon about its faults.

It’s pretty much entirely stats and bonuses. There’s a weird human supremacist in BG2 (it’s not even an EE addition) who will hurl insults at any elven party member, including yourself if you are one, but that’s the most I can think of. Considering a lot of people (myself included) made an elf with obsidian skin and alabaster hair and pretended they’re a drow when we were teens, I think you should be in the clear.