Becoming a Tradwife is the New Fashion


It’s working, folks. Keep shitposting about roasties.

The problem is these women are just larping as tradwives but they haven’t given up getting fucked by 100 niggers per day. No such thing as a trad woman, it’s all smoke and mirrors. White women are the downfall of Western civilization. Their extreme selfishness, hedonism and hyperghamy will destroy everything in just a couple of generations. It’s not working. It’s just women ready to settle down once they’ve hit the wall and realize their meme degrees are useless in making money as usual. Your tradwives still have at least decade of cock carousel behind them and they don’t regret it a bit because some beta will settle for them anyways. Just remember that Feminism did not set women free. It exposed them for what they truly are. The only solution is to take women’s rights away. Those are called chameleons. They’re just pretending to try to attract better men that wouldn’t otherwise look twice at them. Or they used to be one of those women and now are trying to redeem themselves with their neon hair and nose piercings and basic bitch tattoos. Yeah, but the counter push to feminism has completely accepted the feminist narrative that women had no rights, agency or influence before feminism. In addition to that, the trad zoomers of today have fallen for literal adverts from the 1950s, a decade with lots of interpersonal problems caused by the biggest war that raged not 10 years ago.