Being a Manchild is Better than Being a Cuck

Yourself first

What benefit does a man receive to being mature compared to not being mature? Society is not organized in a way that benefits male maturity. The women are slags 80% of the time and you get taxed more the more productive you are.

The optimal state of male happiness is to work out, so your body is prime and healthy, learn a skill, but spend all your time playing video games or watching cartoons instead of being productive. Don’t give the Jews your tax dollars to fund more nigger gibs and support single mothers with half nigger spawn they got from ‘having fun’ at college.

For women, male maturity means being a slave to their every whim while paying them for it.

For society, it’s much the same, except you get a pittance of a paycheck.

How can you convince men on endless classic video games and porn, and women on endless social media validation and weekly one night stands with 6’10’’ Chad, to become slaves to children and give up most of what they know?

Male maturity is, as /leftypol/ would say – a spook.

“Male Maturity” is just being a man, the manchild is a relatively new phenomenon. In older eras, even cucked ones like the victorian era effeminate urbanite men were effectively sent off to harsh locations so that they learned not to be faggots – the only manchildren were inbred offspring of lords and monarchs, most of who learned some kind of skill so they weren’t totally useless.