Best Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic

Wailing caverns is unironically my favorite dungeon. going through that first time was so great. all 2 hours of it. blew my mind when you had to actually jump across the chasm and then you found the huge plant elemental. a true dungeon crawling experience. so much shit to do in there. wish the endgame dungeons were as creative as wailing caverns. I remember my first dungeon was Wailing Caverns. People shared the dungeon quests with me and I spent the next two hours trying to figure out where I was supposed to turn them in since the fucking NPCs were tucked away in a cave on top of the dungeon.

FD was fucking kino. Going to have to say Shadowfang Keep though. I still remember how excited the first time I actually got to step through the swirling portal to inside the actual dungeon. I’m almost certainly going to have the nostalgia wear off within a month, but I’m actually getting excited to play it again for the first time since it got announced.

Hitting 30 and making the long walk from ironforge to SM, swimming in the waters of lordaeron and sneaking around undercity then doing the instances 10 times in a row with people who are just standing around in the pre-instance area. I still remember the first run I ever did where a party member led us to the Shortcut instance door and it drops you in that waterfall area 3/4 the way through the dungeon. It was phenominal falling into that area for the first time and fighting all the hydras out of that waterfall