Birth Control Pill Turned Women into Whores

Women no longer worried about pregnancy

Feminism started to get real mainstream in the mid to late 1960s but what was the underlying technology which allowed this? That would be the birth control pill. Before the pill was invented, women had to worry about real life consequences like getting pregnant. You may say “But what about condoms?”. Okay, the only man who would make a statement like that is a virgin. No one uses fucking condoms, unless they are going to a prostitute. Normal people do not use condoms.

After the birth control pill was invented, women no longer had to worry about getting pregnant and so they went hog wild and became total whores, sucking 100s of dicks and getting pounded by 1000s of dicks. They had to create some ideology to justify their whore behavior though, and so they created feminism. Feminism has nothing to do with equal rights or any of that, because by the 1950s, women already had full equal rights. Feminism was used to remove any and all responsibility for a woman’s actions and behaviors.

Imagine if you gave a 5 year old child unlimited freedom. The result is that the child would become a living terror and throw a temper tantrum any time it didn’t get it’s way. You refused to buy your child a stick of bubble gum at the super market check-out lane? Watch out, you are now an evil child abuser. Modern day women are literally equal to a 5 year old child. Before feminism, women actually were a bit mature because they had real life responsibilities like raising children and taking care of the household. Feminism is pure evil.