Black Women Are Superior to White Women

Ebony Goddess

I was bad with girls growing up so I lost my virginity the brazilian way, practicing with black girls (easy mode when you’re white and not fuck ugly). I level up my confidence and started dating higher quality girls, dated a 5’8 blond hottie from a good family, the perfect girl ect. Lasted about 6 months before I went straight back to black girls, the sex is way better and they don’t bother you with bullshit.

Black women are much better at sex, and much more laid back people than white women. White women are uptight as shit and can’t just chill the fuck out and act normal. Black women are pretty much superior to white women in every way possible. There’s something about the skin color difference that’s a turn on for me, I can’t really explain it. And they never have flat asses. White women are flat as fuck whereas black women got natural curves, a big ass and big tits.

As someone who had a black girlfriend for quite some time, let me tell you…. [spoiler] best pussy I’ve ever had desu actually [/spoiler] . She was an athlete though, so that’s kind of cheating. Even still the non-athletic black girls got really good bodies, especially compared to white girls. I used to think there must be something wrong with me since I don’t like white girls but then I realized that no, there is nothing wrong with me. There is something wrong with white girls! Then I learned about how feminism turned white women into mutant freaks and have never looked back. White women can go to hell.