Boinking my Sister's Dirty Little Brains Out

Darth Vader's force

Growing up back in the day, me and my sister agreed to travel to an anime convention together but we had not decided on our costumes yet. At the last minute, she had to stay back for an extra day due to her work, so I went on ahead alone. Once I arrived at the convention city, I went to a local party and costume shop and I decided to buy a Darth Vader costume. I had a lot of fun, visiting various booths, learning about upcoming Star Wars movies and games and meeting fellow fans.

Anyway on the 3rd day, I met a girl wearing also wearing a Darth Vader costume also and we went back to my hotel room and banged each other’s brains out, and never took off our masks. Can you guys see where this story is headed? I banged her for 3 hours straight with the help of the blue pill and she was yelping and roaring the entire time but never spoke a single normal word so I never heard her normal voice.

A day later when I got back home, my sister was back too from the convention too. She had taken an express train. I told her I had fucked some really hot girl wearing a Darth Vader mask, and she said “You too? I also had sex with some really hot guy who was wearing a Darth Vader mask”.

“Huh?” we both exclaimed at the same time.

Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction