Boomer Bosses are Turning America into a Police State Run by Companies

boomer pigs

The zoom meetings are just useless people trying to justify their positions because everyone knows layoffs are comming when the realize that the company can do just fine with far fewer employees. The worst part of this virus isn’t going to be the recession or the dead boomers, it’s going to be the massive changes in the workforce when companies realise that most positions are useless and a good portion of the usefull ones can be completed by drones working out of their kitchens. Think of all the money they will save when they don’t have to keep the lights on at the cube farm and get to trim all the fat. As our professional lives creep into our personal homes we can expect to see companies dictating our home life to a greater extent. You must buy our approved equipment, you must paint your work room our company colors, you must use the internet provider of our choosing, all while it remains your personal property so they don’t have to put out any money, on the rare occasion they actually need an office they can rent one out. White collar work is about to become a shitshow where the employees have to provide everything they need to work for the privilege of working while the companies laugh their way to the bank.

Low wage jobs have to compete with spics, and tech jobs (that pay shit now) have to compete with pajeets. I hope boomers enjoy the retirement homes, cause I’m sure the brown people they replaced their children with are going to treat them really well. Boomers are just trying to save their shit jobs with nobody in the office they cant flex so their literally sitting at home firing an email and seething that their job is useless. We millennials refuse to be treated like slaves. I hope boomers enjoy replacing us with indians and chinks. I’m sure the indians and chinks will treat the boomers real nice in the retirement homes.

Why is American work culture so fucking brutal?

And the best part is that it is all done to support the Jewish globohomo economy. Most of these American businesses produce/provide degenerate products and services. They are kiked to hell with feminism and diversity too.

That is why I hate these “let us return to work!” Trump supporting boomers. They are the ultimate jewish golem that needs to be culled before this country can have any kind of serious rebirth or revolution.