Boomer got BTFO'ed on YouTube by 4chan

Boomers are overgrown children

A boomer male had created a youtube channel and was making videos saying basically that millennials are lazy. In the same video, he admits that he employs mostly mexicans and illegal immigrants because they work for less. This shows how vile, rotten, selfish, and evil baby boomers truly are. Okay, you say why aren’t millennials working for you, and then you admit that you’d rather pay a bunch of low-wage immigrants than hire millennials.

The real irony is that these same mexicans, and blacks, and asians are going to be working as nurses in retirement homes. Boomers are extremely short-sighted and can’t seem to comprehend that they are going to be abused in the retirement homes by the very same immigrants they voted to bring in to replace millennials.

For the most part, this is true. Baby boomer bosses are childish and immature and thus no intelligent millennial wants to work for them, which is why most millennials are going to work in the big cities where most companies are run by millennials or Generation Xers.

Baby boomers are a bunch of crybabies who will whine that their children aren’t taking care of them in their old age. Well, uh no shit. Baby boomers destroyed the economy and as a result millennials can’t even afford to support themselves. Even if they could afford to, baby boomers have treated their own children like complete shit so most millennials would refuse to financially support them in their old age. This is the world you baby boomers chose. I hope it was worth it, for your short-term greed.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. That boomer deleted his channel after 4chan/pol started doxxing him and flooding him with comments. Boomers are cowards and pussies.