Boomers Ruined America, Not the Illuminati or Jews or Freemasons or Satanists

Boomers scum

Baby boomers are the worst generation to ever exist in history. They are responsible for this mess. The generation that blatantly encouraged women to “go for it girl you deserve Chad don’t settle for any less”.

Yet at the same time they enjoyed the last generation of wholesome respectable white girls who would never think about fucking BBC.

-getting a job that can support a family with a high school diploma

-letting in hordes of Muslims, Mexicans, and unleashing BBCs

-last generation to collect social security (good luck getting yours)

-no-fault divorce

-destroyed and dumbed down the education system, which used to teach Latin, logic, Euclid’s elements

-made college loans non-dischargeable, causing college loans to increase higher and higher

-destroyed traditional religion (Catholicism, Protestantism) and replaced it with something even worse – Social Justice

-rampant consumerism

-created radical feminism

-Quantitative easing policies

-voted in free trade agreements that shipped all of the jobs to India

-Voted in foreign worker visas that shipped hordes of Indians to the West

-Spent their youth getting high on drugs like LSD. Now require any potential hires to take drug tests before they employ you, as if you’re competing in the fucking Olympics. The hypocritical fucks.

Gen X may have invented the PUA bullshit and bluepilled men to the max but make no mistake the boomers set the wheels in motion! Boomer men ruined white women with feminism and then run off to Asia and marry young 18 year old asian women. I enjoy watching Asian women manipulate and steal boomer men’s money. Boomer men are scum.