Broke Men are Hurting American Women's Marriage Prospects

poor babies

Oh no! Now because American women took all the high paying jobs, most American men are poor and American women can’t find a husband! LOL! It’ s their own fault. Everyone knows women are so uppity that they wont marry “down”. Like how women 5/10 thru 8/10 in looks will only date men 9/10 or 10/10. The same goes for earnings. Because women’s pay keeps rising faster than inflation, as well as they are often receiving higher educations, they are earning more than they are worth. It follows that all the men with good paying jobs are taken or more commonly like myself have decided to embrace MGTOW all that’s left for 80% of the women is the bottom earning men.

Equal pay is BS. Men and women are not the same. If a woman could do my job as good or better than me, she still wouldn’t be worth the same amount. Women cost employers more if many respects even if they don’t receive maternity pay. Not that women don’t have a role in workplace, there are some jobs that women are more suited for, and can do much better than men. They are just not that many. Women are better with jobs with emphasis on social skills, admittedly in today’s economy those jobs do seem to be in higher demand.

Well they figured they would play with bad boys, and get a nice guy to pay for an upper middle-class dream life when they turn 30, and all during the 80s and 90s they did this. And while men could play too it sort of worked – though it was never cool. But they started shagging niggers. So the nice guys started playing video games… and also they don’t want to pay for filth…

So now .. marriage .. ah-hah-hah-hah-hah :D marriage.. LOL… And money for it.. right…

I can’t think of anything more beta than funneling your heard earned money into a woman’a purse consistently just so you can stick your dick in her. If that’s all women want in a relationship fuck them. You can’t trust women with politics, but you can trust women with your finances and raising your children?