Brown Women are Best

If it ain't brown, I ain't down

We are mostly talking about white women when we are criticizing feminism. If you are a white male, then you need to avoid white women since white women are fat and ugly and have been brainwashed by feminism to hate you. If you are a racist nazi faggot who says “Don’t racemix”, then just kill yourself you faggot virgin. Yes goy, don’t have sex with very hot exotic brown women, that would be so bad!

Here’s a cool pick-up line for a white guy to use on a brown girl. Don’t use it immediately but maybe after 2 minutes of talking to a brown girl, use it. I guarantee that you’ll be fucking her brains out within 30 minutes after using this line. The key here is to speak this line in a very cocky, self-assured manner. Okay, so here is the line you will use on a brown girl:

-Me to a brown girl: “If we white men are so evil, why do you brown girls all want to marry us and have our babies?”
-Brown girl’s face screws up in disgust, which in reality her vegana just became moar sopping wet than Niagara Falls
-30 minutes later: just blasted a huge load inside her

Why would any sane man avoid brown girls and only limit himself to white women? But muh racemixing! Fuck off, any man who says that is a virgin, I 100% guarantee you. Brown women are 100 times better than white women and everyone knows this is true.